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Orchid Matching Process Demo [Video]

In previous intake and screening videos, I went over how Orchid can streamline and simplify your intake and screening processes by putting all your information in one usable place. But, if you’re not using Orchid, how do you access that information and apply it to create successful matches between your Surrogates, Egg Donors, and Intended Parents?

Agency owners know better than anyone that the matching process can be equal parts science and art. You really are the architect and curator of your client’s happiness. When the hard work of preparing your clients to match comes together, and you know you have a perfect match, it is nothing short of a masterpiece and miracle. But if you are spending your time managing disjointed forms and processes to access the information you need to match your clients, then your process of getting to that masterpiece may feel a little more tedious and a little less miraculous.

Are you using tools that simplify your journey management and allow you to be the hero for your clients? Or are you spending your time navigating from form to form checking, then double-checking to find, verify and manage the information you collected in your screening process? Is managing documents providing your clients the best experience for their matching process and simplifying your journey management?

Once you have successfully navigated your EDs, IPs, and GCs through screening and made them available for matching, are you able to access and apply all the notes, documents, medical releases, and contracts that apply to that specific journey? Are they available to you in one place? Can you easily view any preferences or special needs about your Intended Parents, Surrogates, and egg donors from a single system? Once you do move a match forward, can you link them and all their information together into one convenient place? Can you view the entire match history within a couple of clicks from that same convenient place?

With Orchid, you can feel confident that all the hard work and information you collected to get your Surrogates, Egg Donors, and Intended Parents through screening is available in one convenient and easy-to-access area where you can view in-depth details about each client. From here, you can scroll through a complete journey list or sort by specific journey name to find and access a particular journey to view the next steps.

From the internal agency side of a specific journey records page, you can sort and filter through your agency’s Egg Donor Database to best match the criteria your Intended Parents provided to you when they signed up. Here you can see an entire Egg Donor match history as well as who the Intended Parents have favorited, who you’ve suggested as a match to the Intended Parents, and if they have requested to match with a specific Egg Donor from your Egg Donor Database.

From your user’s side HIPAA compliant and password protected portal, your Intended Parents can search through your Egg Donor Database on their own, view full profiles, request more information about a specific Egg Donor, favorite them, or send a real-time request back to your agency to work with a specific Egg Donor.

Orchid also provides you with the ability to simplify your Surrogate matching process. Much like the Egg Donor filtering function built into Orchid, you also have the ability to sort through your entire database of available Surrogates in your system. This sorting feature allows you to more closely match the preferences that your Intended Parents provided you when they signed on with your agency. You can also queue up a match getting close to making it through screening but not quite ready.

Once a Surrogate is ready for matching and your agency has determined they could be a good fit for an Intended Parent, you can send their complete profile over to the Intended Parent. You can also send the Intended Parent’s profile over to the surrogate at the same time or individually, depending on your preference. Your clients will then be able to view the complete profiles of their potential match from their user portal. There your Surrogate and Intended Parent can approve or decline working with one another. Once approved by both the Surrogate and the Intended Parent, your agency will confirm the match. Their journey will then move into Case Management, where the journey is easily managed from embryo transfer day all the way through to post-birth.

Orchid also provides you with a complete record of any outcome once a match is confirmed and is logged on the match history sheet to maintain a running log of the matches suggested, confirmed, rejected, or if there was a match break. All of your information is safe and available directly from the journey records page.

All of this might seem like a lot, but with Orchid, you’re never alone. Our dedicated implementation team is here to help guide you through the building process to make sure your matching process is clearly laid out and simplified for your specific needs. When done right, matching can be a perfect masterpiece. Orchid is here to help you curate little miracles for your clients by simplifying your matching process.

If you’d like to know more about Orchid or schedule some time for a more in-depth demo, please feel free to contact us!

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