Team Orchid

The Orchid team is comprised of highly qualified, purpose-driven professionals who are dedicated to your success. We provide the highest level of support every step of the way -- from implementation and initial training to customization and ongoing guidance.

Adam Winder


Adam Winder, MBA, President, is a strategic executive with over ten years’ experience in financial services. After becoming a father for the first time, Adam realized that every family should have the opportunity to experience the joy of becoming parents. Feeling drawn to assisted reproductive technology industry and its purpose, he left banking and began to pursue a career developing ways to improve the experiences of all parties throughout their third party reproductive journeys.

His first venture in the assisted reproductive industry was to become President of SeedTrust Escrow, helping thousands of families navigate their financial journeys through transparency of their escrow accounts. A major part of SeedTrust’s successful business model is due to the implementation of custom built Orchid Escrow Technology.

Adam is passionate about leveraging sound business practices and technology to solve problems and improve industries. Prior to becoming a partner at SeedTrust, he led strategy for the commercial line of business at SunTrust Bank. Adam also spent over eight years advising executives on business and financial needs.

Adam is passionate about giving back and helping others. He currently serves on the board and as the CFO of Making the Grade – Hope for African Youth.

Adam graduated Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration and Economics from Bridgewater College. He holds an MBA from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University where he graduated Beta Gamma Sigma.

Edward Brockschmidt

Chief Financial Officer

Edward Brockschmidt, C.P.A., MBA, Founder/CFO, has been helping families grow through collaborative processes since 2015. Since launching our partner company, SeedTrust®, Edward has responsibly managed escrow for thousands of intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors.

Previously, Edward was a managing partner of a successful CPA firm that handled bookkeeping, tax planning, financial advice, and IRS representation. Prior to having a career as a CPA he was involved in financial services of a large regional bank where he assisted in lending and financial advice. He received his undergraduate and MBA from the University of Florida. He also received a Masters of Accounting from Florida Atlantic University.

Roland S. Salloum

General Counsel

Roland S. Salloum, Esq., is a business attorney with expansive knowledge of the collaborative reproductive processes. Roland joined the industry after experiencing his own long-term infertility journey. He has since become an industry expert on egg donation and gestational surrogate contracts.

Roland is a member of the Florida Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association. Within the Federal Bar Association, Roland is a member of the Federal Litigation Section, the LGBT Law Section, and the Family Law Section.

Denise Steele


Denise Steele is a market development expert whose personal experiences have afforded her a deep understanding of both technology and fertility processes. Having welcomed 3 children through assisted reproductive collaborations and adoption, she is cognizant of the fact that intended parents deserve to be protected, granted whatever control is possible, and given full transparency throughout their journeys.

Professionally, Denise has been a consultant for several nationally recognized fertility and parenting organizations such as FertilityAuthority, MommyNearest, and Neighborhood Parenting Network. Her blog,, shares insights and provides support to those facing infertility.

In 2017, she joined ConceiveAbilites, serving as the company’s Clinic Liaison and Account Strategist. In her role as Clinic Liaison, she established partnerships with clinics around the country and helped to develop new product lines which created more options for intended parents struggling to grow their own families, while her position as Account Strategist afforded her the opportunity of overseeing the overhaul of the company’s CRM system, giving her a unique insight into the needs and desires a third party agency may have concerning journey management.

Krystal Kucharski

Technical Operations Officer

Krystal brings over 10 years of CRM expertise in accessing, defining and setting up customized CRM applications. She has worked closely with leadership and sales management to create a clear understanding of how well the organization is meeting established KPIs as well the likelihood of achieving future KPIs. Krystal implemented an execution plan for Fortune 100 companies to accelerate win rates and increase market share.

She brings her knack and passion for training and project management experience in which she excels at delivering poised presentations and corporate planning. Krystal is delighted to work alongside her clients and internal colleagues to drive process improvements and streamline activities.

Krystal has a vast amount of experience across a multitude of organizations and industries implementing and optimizing their CRM. She works closely alongside stakeholders to learn their business models and suggest best practices and processes to increase efficiencies and extract value details to make better business decisions.

Terri Mossman

Implementation & Client Support Specialist

Terri has been a successful contributor by serving clients, interpreting systems and connecting the two components for the last 20 years in various roles.

Within each initiative she has taken on, she provides thought leadership through her connections, knowledge and skillful use of multiple database management systems.

Most of her experience has resided in the training and coaching industry, supporting individuals and team members along the path to growth. Specifically she has worked with entrepreneurs and their unique challenges within ever changing industries.

Terri lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and two inquisitive, energetic boys.

Tricia Harris

Implementation & Client Support Specialist

Tricia has 20+ years of business experience in project management, sales, and marketing. She has been an early adopter of computers and software since the 80s. Some of her experiences include leading and developing a computerized assessment for K-2 reading, training and developing support materials for computer system adoption and working with dental offices to implement a SAAS communication program that automated appointment reminders, recall, and social media.

Melissa Sarchio

Implementation & Client Support Specialist

Melissa has an extensive background in project management, commercial real estate and finance. She is working towards her PMP certification through the Project Management Institute. Her experience includes thorough risk assessment, deployed management and response strategies to prevent roadblocks during projects, as well as building out training programs and process improvement strategies.

Mike Sarchio

Implementation & Client Support Specialist

Mike has 15+ years of experience in a wide variety of IT functions ranging from front-facing client support to quality assurance testing, database maintenance/data analysis, and the production of training materials, both written and video. He has honed his SaaS skills working for family-owned businesses, startups, and industry leaders. Mike brings with him a dedication to making learning easy for everyone no matter their skill or experience.

Bob Cundiff

Technical Consultant

Bob has over 17 years of experience as a trusted technical adviser. He has a proven track record of providing operational solutions across a wide variety of clients that have included large government agencies, universities, medical imaging, human genome mapping, media, and entertainment.

He’s built a successful career by genuinely listening to his clients so that he may fully understand their short and long-term goals and, in turn, providing them with technical solutions that will solve their complex needs.

Bob has the experience and compassion to partner with agencies that are dedicated to helping families grow. He recognizes that his knowledge will make a real impact on people’s lives.

Bob is passionate about assisting agency partners to grow their businesses. He is happy to be an advocate for those who will play a part in fulfilling the dreams of deserving intended parents.

Bob lives in the Denver area and is a proud volunteer for local veteran hospice care programs.

Orchid Development Team

Our dedicated development team consists of of six US-based software masterminds — including an architect, designer, and software engineers.