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Orchid Screening Process Demo [Video]

In my previous intake video, I went over how the Orchid Journey Management Software Solution can help increase your agency’s efficiencies by streamlining and automating parts of your pre-screening process. But what happens in the Orchid system after a potential client makes it through the initial pre-screening and intake process?

The story of how your intended parents came to your agency can vary greatly from client to client. Still, by the time your intended parents come to you for help to fulfill their dream of a family, they have often already experienced a lifetime’s worth of roadblocks and frustration. They are relying on you and your expertise to help guide them through their journey. You really are under a lot of pressure, but when that special touch of your screening leads to a great match, the reward is nothing short of the creation of a miracle.

But let’s not forget that you’re not just screening intended parents; you’re also screening surrogates and, in some cases, egg donors as well. The complexity of the screening process can get overwhelming very quickly. Especially if you’re not clearly laying out your process and using disjointed systems to manage those complex journeys through screening.

The hard work you and your agency put into your screening process is vital to your clients’ success in creating a family. Screening is where the expertise and special touches of your agency are on full display for your clients. Forgetting a key piece of your process isn’t as simple as running back to the store because you forgot the milk. Missing a single step in the screening process can be catastrophic to your client’s journey.

Those types of setbacks can cause your intended parents and surrogates to seek out assistance from your competition. In the case of egg donors, a slow response in screening could cause them to head to other agencies where they are being guided through their journey in a more timely manner.

And in an industry that is as tight-knit and connected through social media as the ART industry, it only takes a few posted reviews on a website to really hurt your image and reputation.

The Orchid Journey Management Software is built around your specific needs and exists to organize the processes that are unique to your agency’s day-to-day journey management.

Orchid greatly simplifies your screening process by replacing all your forms and spreadsheets with a single easy-to-use system and laying out your unique processes into a step-by-step format that you and your team can remotely access for real-time updates regardless of geographic location.

Orchid’s enhanced features also allow you to search keywords to simplify your database navigation and access specific clients without having to search between several different folders or spreadsheets.

Once your processes are set up in the Orchid system, you will have the ability to access all the information you have collected for your client’s journey in one convenient place. Clicking on a client’s name instantly directs you to their journey record page, where your process is clearly laid out in an easy-to-follow format.

Once a step is completed, it is checked off and updated in real-time with a green checkmark that indicates to you and your team that your client is ready for the next step.

From that same journey record page, you can also view important details, access your client’s personal and medical records from a secure database, pull up legal contracts, and add, search, and view notes associated with that specific journey.

At Orchid, we recognized that not every journey is a straight and easy path. Often journeys require a lot of notes and details that you later have to access and view after long stretches of time have passed. That’s why the Orchid notes feature also includes a hashtag function to make it a lot easier to search, sort, and find details in the notes section as your client’s journey matures. By simply adding a hashtag to the bottom of a note, you can later sort based on a simple search within the notes of that client’s journey record page.

Screening your clients is a true team effort that often requires several reminders and follow-ups with your team to complete. Creating and assigning tasks to your team members or placing a reminder on your dashboard for follow-up is an easy process within the Orchid system.

Once a task is assigned and saved, that reminder will show up on the assigned team member’s dashboard and be accessible from the first page they see when they log into the Orchid system. It will also be updated on that client’s journey record page once completed.

You can also view all activities associated with a journey, including the most recently logged activities for your client’s journey, from their journey record page. This allows you to stay up to date on the latest activities performed by either your team or your clients as those steps are updated in real-time.

With Orchid, your requirements and processes aren’t just clearly laid out in an easy-to-follow format for you and your team; they’re clearly laid out for your clients as well. Once you’ve invited your clients into the Orchid system and granted them access, they can follow their journey behind a password-protected, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant portal.

From there, they are granted a specific and limited view of their screening requirements based on what you decide to share with them. Here they can see the specific steps and forms your agency requires to move them forward in their journey.

This easy-to-follow and effective layout helps to greatly improve your client’s user experience and allows them to follow their progress with real-time updates. Your clients also have the ability to view the requirements that are needed to complete their next steps in their journey.

Because Orchid is a secure and encrypted system, your clients can safely upload sensitive forms and information directly into your agency’s database. Once your clients have uploaded documents, they are available in real-time for you to review and access from their journey record page. This built-in feature within The Orchid Journey management system greatly increases your efficiencies by cutting down on the back and forth of chasing clients to download and share documents and gives your clients a clear view of where they are in your agency’s process.

All of the features I’ve covered so far are just a small sample of how the Orchid system can simplify your screening process and benefit you and your clients. Other features available in your Orchid system include the ability to sign contracts using Hello Sign at no additional cost to your agency. And for your clients? From their user portal, they can search your donor database, build their own profile to submit to you for approval, and receive potential matches from your team, just to name a few.

Our implementation team understands that your agency is unique and special. They are an amazing resource and will walk you through every step of the process necessary to provide you with a system that meets your specific needs.

Your clients are counting on you to be their heroes in their journey to creating positive outcomes that lead to little miracles, and Orchid is here to simplify that process with you.

If you would like to go into more detail about how Orchid can simplify your screening process or set up some time to review the Orchid system in a live demo, please feel free to contact us!

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