Orchid JMS Features

Streamline Your Agency Processes

Orchid Journey Management Software (JMS) is a complete technology solution for surrogacy and egg donation agencies that provides a secure and seamless way to manage every phase of a third party journey — from the initial point of contact, through birth and beyond.

Customized Flow

Process flow and management may be customized to save employees and clients time throughout their journeys.

Task Orientated Processes

Provides a task orientated process solution that reduces mistakes and mishandling of steps throughout the intake, screening, matching, and case management processes.

Simplifies All Phases

Streamlines all processes pertaining to intake, screening, matching, and complete case management.

Custom Data Fields

Create custom data fields specific to your agency’s processes to collect, store, and search for case details efficiently.
Effortless Intake

Effortlessly cultivate more leads and gain more clients.

Efficient Screening

Conduct your screening process faster and more efficiently, providing a better user experience.

Meaningful Matching

Systematically make meaningful matches with all data at your fingertips.

Careful Case Management

Manage more cases with great care and less administrative work.

Highly Customizable

Your agency and its processes will always be unique. Whether your agency is large and well-established or you’re just starting out, Orchid JMS has the capability to grow and adapt with you.

Organize your cases any way you choose. Create custom profiles for each of your cases with custom categories, task lists, and more.

Customize workflows, processes, forms, and templates. Create custom data fields specific to your agency’s processes to collect, store, and search for case details efficiently.

Track and Manage Your Data

Orchid JMS has the ability to easily compile meaningful metrics, providing insight on your staff’s productivity and your agency’s overall performance.

Invaluable Insights

Data may be easily extracted offering insights that will lead to building internal efficiencies and driving more revenue.

Exceed Expectations

Track the details needed for your agency’s processes in custom data fields for clients and companies. The more you know about your client, the better you can meet and exceed their expectations.

Calibrate and Forecast

Pipeline reporting will enable operations and sales teams the ability to calibrate and forecast matching times and expected revenue.

Meaningful Metrics

Metrics can be pulled to provide insight on case manager caseload, client conversion rates and other important aspects of your agency.  

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