Orchid Software Origin

Orchid Software Solutions emerged from the desire to improve the assisted reproduction technology (ART) industry through tailored applications designed to increase efficiencies and transparency for the industry as a whole.

It started in 2017, when we developed a custom ART escrow platform called Orchid Escrow Software, which enables ART escrow providers to operate with greater accuracy and efficiency. What made the Orchid Escrow platform unique is the simple user interface, which created full transparency and instilled peace of mind.  To date, thousands of families have benefited from our surrogacy escrow software.

While the escrow software platform matured, we learned that many surrogacy and egg donor agencies struggled to make off-the-shelf CRMs work for their business models, but none were truly suited to handle the complexity of their unique processes. So, after receiving multiple requests to do so, we committed ourselves to building a complete technology solution for agencies that maintained the same simple, user-friendly interface utilized by our escrow software. And, just like that, the idea of Orchid started to bloom.

In 2018, we set to gathering data from more than 20 surrogacy and egg donation agencies of various sizes and geographic locations to gain a deep understanding of their processes, workflows, pain points, and needs. Not surprisingly, given the unique characteristics of the ART industry, our researched quickly reinforced two key beliefs. First, that the software needed to be custom to this industry and therefore built from the ground up. Given the complexities of the business, the idea of building upon an already existing software to meet the industry’s needs was out of the question. Second, that the software needed to offer a great deal of versatility so it would allow each agency, big or small, the ability to integrate it into the methods and protocols they developed that made them successful in the first place. We knew this would be a large project, but remained confident that completing it would have an incredible impact on the industry.

During the two-year development period, we committed enormous resources to the project, recruiting a development team that consisted of an architect, designer, and software engineers. The scope and breadth of the software steadily grew month after month, as we learned more and more about the industry and individual agency needs. In the end, what started as a mission to build a CRM evolved into developing a complete operational system with enough flexibility and customization to seamlessly streamline any agency in the third party reproduction industry.

It is our honor to serve some of the largest and most well-established agencies in the industry, as well as to equip small and medium-sized agencies with technology that was previously unattainable. Our team of highly qualified, purpose-driven professionals is dedicated to your success, providing the highest level of support every step of the way — from implementation and initial training to customization and ongoing guidance.

The best part is that the progress will not stop! We are committed to consistently expanding Orchid JMS features, learning from our clients, and adapting to the industry’s needs. Our mission is to deliver custom, impactful software that fosters operational efficiencies and improves the client experience, allowing everyone involved the ability to focus on what matters most — building families.