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Orchid Marketing Features Demo [Video]

In previous videos, I outlined how Orchid can seamlessly manage your intake, screening, and matching processes all from one simple form-based platform. From the very first click Orchid automatically moves your potential client’s information directly into your customized workflow to simplify your journey management process.

But what if you could track where your marketing was creating the highest amount of interest and return on your investment?

It’s no secret that the most difficult part of any agency’s day-to-day operations is finding, signing, and keeping surrogates and egg donors to match with your intended parents. You spend a lot of time, money, and energy in a competitive market that seems to grow even more competitive every day. Your efforts to sign surrogates and egg donors could be simplified if you were able to build a report in a single platform that shows you exactly where your activities and marketing dollars are seeing the largest return from your hard work and marketing efforts.

The marketing report function that has been built into Orchid’s customizable journey management system could provide you with the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for that allows you and your team to be more efficient, increase your success rate and see more return on your recruiting investments to help your agency create more little miracles for your intended parents.

Every form you and your implementation specialist build to meet your agency needs within Orchid comes with a unique web address or (URL) that automatically and seamlessly flows the information you’ve collected into your custom Orchid system, but now you can add keywords to that unique URL that allows you to customize that form to track a specific campaign and know exactly where your agency’s marketing is drawing the most interest and attention.

By adding a few keywords into the Marketing Tracking tool provided by Orchid you can build a custom campaign URL that flows directly to your forms. With a simple cut and paste of the custom URL you built, you can easily see if a campaign is getting more hits on Google, Facebook, or any other marketing platform that allows you to post your own custom URL. The tracking is simple enough that you can use it on your own or if you are working with a marketing firm you can allow them to create campaigns and automatically track those hits within your custom Orchid system.

Orchid has even built a standard report in the system to allow you to track where that activity is coming from to including the posting source, name of the campaign, and name of the potential client. This information allows you to know in real-time where you can allocate your marketing dollars in a more effective way and have a clear advantage in a hyper-competitive market when recruiting and signing egg donors and surrogates.

As always, our amazing and dedicated implementation team is here to help guide you through every step of setting up your custom Orchid system.

If you’d like to know more about Orchid or schedule some time for a more in-depth demo, please feel free to contact us!

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