Orchid Journey Management Software (JMS) is a complete custom technology solution for surrogacy and egg donation agencies that provides a secure and seamless way to manage every phase of a third party journey — from the initial point of contact, through birth and beyond.

All-in-One System

Orchid JMS is a guided journey management tool, customer relationship management software (CRM), database, and client contact system all in one package.

Agency Branded

Our white-label software system includes integrated client and provider portals which are fully branded with your agency’s look and feel to maintain a consistent and professional visual identity to your clients.

Single Point-of-Use

Orchid JMS connects with your website, email, and SeedTrust Escrow accounts, creating a convenient single point-of-use for all of your case management and communication needs.

Streamlines Agency Processes

Orchid JMS creates operational efficiencies and enables increased team collaboration for an exceptional experience throughout each and every journey your team manages.

Custom Built for the ART Industry

Orchid JMS is powerful enough to serve the largest, most well established agencies and offers small and medium sized agencies the technology to enhance their client experience, refine their processes, and help build more families.

HIPAA Compliant Platform

Orchid JMS protects your clients’ sensitive information and adheres to government law, ensuring all data is secured in a HIPAA compliant online platform that is readily available from any location with internet access.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Orchid JMS connects all of your essential business tools and reduces mundane and redundant tasks, allowing your team to work more efficiently and enabling them to spend more time developing connections, ensuring that each client’s journey is a highly personalized experience.

Dedicated Support Team

Our professional support team will deliver, implement, and service the system to your agency’s specifications. Our dedicated US-based design and development team consists of top developers, experts in CRMs, implementation specialists, and industry consultants to ensure that Orchid JMS will serve our clients well into the future of family-building case management.

Deliver a Great Client Experience Every Time

Orchid’s secure client portal makes it easy!

Keep clients in the loop with access to their case details. Easily collaborate with clients and further nurture relationships with task orientated workflows and reminders. Create seamless processes for your clients journey through intake, screening, matching, and case management, allowing your agency to focus on what matters most, your clients.

Our Purpose Statement

At Orchid, we aim to deliver custom, impactful software that fosters operational efficiencies and improves the client experience. We enable agencies to serve more families, with greater care and allowing everyone involved the ability to focus on what matters most — building families.

We are committed to building world class software that makes an impact, giving back to those in need, and delivering on our company purpose.

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