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Orchid Intake Demo [Video]


Every journey starts with a first step. Whether it’s Neil Armstrong landing on the moon or deciding to start a family through surrogacy, it all begins with a first step. For your potential clients, that first step to realizing their dream of a family can often start with a referral from a friend, a Facebook posting, or even an internet search. Regardless of how they get there, each step eventually leads them to your agency’s website.

What does that first interaction look like for your clients and your agency after that initial click?

Is your agency admin set up to make the user experience for your clients as easy as possible, or is it the beginning of you having to manage a lot of disjointed files, folders, and spreadsheets?

You started your agency because you wanted to help bring little miracles into the world, not because you wanted to manage disjointed intake forms and spreadsheets. With Orchid, you can automate parts of your intake process and increase your efficiencies by up to 40%. That means that you and your team can get back to helping bring more bundles of joy into the world. But how?

Once you’ve collected some initial information and data from your potential clients, how do you manage that important information? Is it protected? Is it encrypted? Is it being stored in a HIPPA compliant platform?

Does the intake process you’re currently using allow you to automatically send notifications when candidates are disqualified because the answers they have provided don’t necessarily align with your agency’s requirements?

Verifying that you’re working from the most up to date spreadsheet isn’t likely on the top of your list of things you enjoy doing.

Orchid streamlines your intake process. From the very first time your potential clients click on your website, they are directed to custom forms designed by you and your implementation specialist to collect, store and lay out the steps required by your agency to easily move your clients forward in their journey.

Each carefully designed intake form guides your intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates through their specific journey requirements. The information they enter flows seamlessly into a workflow where actions are assigned to your team’s proper individual for the next steps.

And this all happens automatically.

Additionally, your Orchid system allows you to disqualify potential clients who don’t quite meet your agency requirements for specific reasons.

Those disqualified individuals will receive an automatic notification generated by the Orchid system thanking them for their time with a personalized message from your agency.

This useful automated disqualification frees you and your team up to follow up on clients who meet your agency’s criteria instead of using up your team’s time and expending your resources on potential clients who don’t quite fit your agency requirements.

What does it look like when a client finishes their intake form and flows into your admin system?

Once your clients complete their intake forms and their answers match the criteria you set up for your agency, they will receive an on-screen notification from your Orchid system and an email will be sent to the email address they provided in their initial intake form.

From there, they will be guided to set up a password for their account within the Orchid system.

Once your clients have met your agency’s criteria and submitted their forms, the information they provided will automatically flow into the Orchid Journey Management system and into a workflow view.

Orchid will also import their information into your agency’s custom process, which is laid out by you and your implementation specialist for your team to follow and get your clients ready to move into the screening phase of their journey.

The intake process is only one small but extremely useful part of Orchid. The full Orchid Journey Management system has been built from the ground up specifically for use in the ART industry. In future videos, I’ll go into more details for the main efficiency gains you can expect from Orchid in the screening, matching, case management, and reporting functions that are all purpose-built into the Orchid Journey management system.

The Orchid Journey Management System would be nothing without our dedicated and amazing support and implementation team. They are here to guide you through every step as you build out your system and our collective goal is to get you back to creating little miracles for your clients.

If you have any questions and would like to go into more detail about the intake process in Orchid, or have an interest in seeing more, please feel free to contact me directly.

I’m more than happy to set aside some time and answer any questions you might have!

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