Orchid Releases Newest Version With Major Feature Enhancements

Orchid is thrilled to announce the end of our beta testing phase. The build was more challenging and took longer than initially planned; however, due to the incredible feedback we received from our beta testers, we are proud to say that Orchid has blossomed into a massive and robust agency system.

Our latest version offers over 300 updates. Reaching this critical milestone would not have possible without our beta clients and advisors, to whom we are extremely grateful.

Our team is committed to continually improving the system to ensure our clients are happy and able to do more of what they love. We hope you’ll continue to provide your valuable feedback, which helps us to improve our platform!

Just a few of the features of note:

  • Enhanced Reports
  • Mass emails
  • Automated intake and auto-reject functions to filter out clients who don’t meet your agency’s criteria
  • Your custom processes laid out in an easy-to-follow format
  • HIPAA compliant CRM database that ties into your website and email
  • Profile builder
  • Password-protected portals for your client’s sensitive information.
  • Match tracking and history
  • Archiving
  • Egg Donor database built-in and searchable for your IPs behind their password-protected portal
  • Agency dashboard to organize your tasks
  • Notes with hashtags and searchable functions
  • Cycle tracking for transfers, retrievals, pregnancy, and delivery details

Case Management Redesigned

It all begins with the fully streamlined All Cases View where you can quickly see basic information about IP cases in the left panel. Clicking one of the IP Cards displays the workflow of not only the IP, but the matched GC and ED, when present. Further, you can even complete tasks in any of the workflows without the need to visit each client’s Journey Record Page.

For even more, click the Case Title in any of the IP Records.

Calculators for Due Dates, Period Tracking & More…

Toggle specific information on the Match Sheet

Streamlined Case Management Experience

Our new streamlined case management experience includes HelloSign API Integration!

HelloSign’s sole focus is to build a platform that effortlessly captures signatures in a secure, legally binding manner that is trusted by millions. As such, they know what they are doing when it comes to not only making the process of signing documents user-friendly but also providing an audit trail in the event one is needed. We are excited to offer their platform as the new home for Contracts in Orchid!

Section/Question Tags in Forms

Tags have been added to forms allowing you to display an IP’s name in a section or question. No more need to have a section named “IP1 – Basic Info”. You can now make things more personal while also eliminating the question of, “Which one of us is IP1 again?”

Automated Emails Logged on Client’s Journey

Easily review your sent automated emails by viewing the email log on the Operations tab.

Multiple Document Upload

The ability to upload multiple documents in a single action is now available to both Case Managers and clients.

Custom Acceptance and Rejection Messages

Agencies now have the power to customize their exact message of acceptance or rejection when a potential client completes your intake form. Simply go to Agency Details and select Update Rejection and Acceptance Messages to get started.

Cycle Complete Action Added to Donor Matching

To ensure there are never two active matches for a donor, a new Cycle Complete action has been added to the donor matching process. With the new process, you will Approve and Confirm the match as normal. The new step comes at the end. Once the donor has completed her cycle, select Cycle Complete from the Actions menu. Setting the match to Cycle Complete then allows you to update the donor’s availability to Available, assuming she is ready.

New Email Template Tags

The new tags “Both IP’s First Names” and “Both IP’s Full Names” are specifically designed to avoid unneeded ampersands regardless of whether a journey has one or two Intended Parents.

Archive Reasons

Archive Reasons can be added via the Archive Reasons option in the Admin Menu.

Once created, the options are selectable when archiving a journey, as seen below.

You also have the ability to generate reports based on these custom Archive Reasons.

Link to Journey Overview Page

There are times when a client may need to move forward to the next stage to complete tasks, then return to their current stage. This type of movement leaves room for error and potentially missed steps. To solve this issue, we have added a new Journey View Page link, complete with a warning indicator.

When a client has incomplete tasks in a previous stage, the new warning ! icon displays to alert the admin. The admin can then click the Journey View Page link and quickly see exactly which tasks have been missed to makes sure they are addressed.

Fast Track Password Creation

When clients are fast-tracked into the system, they are now prompted to create a password before initial sign in and are reminded to be on the lookout for emails.

Confidential Cases

The new Confidential Case toggle makes it so only Master Admins can access a journey, regardless of settings in Employee Permissions. If it is determined that a non-master admin needs access to the journey as well, simply add them to the team and they will gain access.

Confidential Case allows you to ensure only certain staff are working on VIP cases or other particularly sensitive journeys. Additionally, if you have an employee who is also working as a GC/ED with your agency, Confidential Case can be used to ensure that the employee isn’t making changes to their own journey record. This all amounts to an extra layer of control and security.

Auto-Reject on Country and/or State

The ability to auto-reject has been added to the Country and State/Province AnswerTypes when building your forms. This allows you to reject clients if they reside in a certain state or country by simply selecting one or more options from the Rejection Answers list. The clients will then be presented with the custom Rejection Notification if they select one of the options that lead to rejection.

New Answer Type: Age

When using the new Answer Type “Age” in a form, the client is presented with a date entry; however, once the form is submitted, both the date entered, as well as the calculated age are displayed to the admin on the client’s Information tab. No more need to open the Matching Profile to view the client’s age. It even updates over the passage of time automatically!

Default Profile Settings

Found in Agency Details, the Default Profile Toggles allow you to set which fields are hidden by default for all new profiles. Additionally, these toggles even apply to the User Card Details located on the left of the Matching Profile (top when printed). The settings are also broken apart by client type so you can have different settings for each.

Duplicate Email Notification

If a returning client completes a new intake form with the same email address, the admin assigned to the client’s record will receive an email notification so they can work with the client. Note that this notification is sent to the admin assigned on the client’s Client Record Page (Contact > Clients), not on the client’s Journey Record Page (found in any of the Stages). If nobody is assigned to the client on the Client Record Page, the notification will be sent to the admin set to receive intake alerts in Agency Details.

Minor Adjustments

  1. Set Snippets to sort numerical entries at the top of the list when adding a snippet to a case.
  2. Added “Sex of Baby” to the Delivery Details (Cycle tab).
  3. Added “Heartbeat Count” to Pregnancy Details (Cycle tab).
  4. Tags can now be added to existing notes upon edit.
  5. Added “# of C-Sections” to the IP to GC Preferences (Journey Details).
  6. Added “# of Usable Embryos Remaining” as a new field and “Cancelled – Transfer Date” as a new option in the Transfer Result dropdown when adding a transfer (Cycle tab).
  7. Added toggle to Journey Details to indicate if the case is a rematch (manually updated). This is present for IP, GC and ED.
  8. Converted the IP1/IP2 Citizenship and Surrogacy Child’s Citizenship After Birth to multi-select fields.
  9. When a Snippet is added to a journey, it cannot be removed. To help avoid accidental Snippet usage, we have added a Confirmation Dialog Box that appears when adding a snippet to an existing workflow.
  10. Added Date of Birth for NP users.
  11. Added note to the Family Members section of ED profiles, as well as a pop up upon navigating away from the section, to remind users to complete the full section for all required family members.
  12. Added ability to send an email when creating a To Do for someone other than yourself.
  13. Added Stage and Status filters to the admin view for Donors (Matching > Donors) and Surrogates (Matching > Surrogates).
  14. Added Donation Preference options to the Donor Profile, all of which are fully filterable when searching in Donors.
  15. When selecting/adding a provider, all instances of “OB” have been changed to “OBGYN/Prenatal”.
  16. Admins now have the ability to delete notes. The permission to delete notes can be enabled in Employee Permissions and functions as follows: Master Admins can delete notes created by any other admin and non-Master Admins can only delete notes that they created.
  17. Added quick links to see Journey and Matching notes in Matching, if present in a surrogate’s journey details. Clicking either button displays the corresponding note.
  18. Added Donation Preferences to ED profile that allows donors to specify the types of IPs they are willing to work with, as well as their arrangement preferences (complete with definitions).
  19. Added Journey Number to the Journey Details for all client types. This field is updated manually and can be used for reporting purposes.
  20. Added Religion as a filter option when viewing Donors.
  21. When a client submits their profile, it completes the Profile Task (as set in the Workflow Template, Profile Task = Yes).
  22. Improved the print quality of forms printed from the Information Tab.
  23. Added Profile tab to Journey Overview Page.
  24. Added ability to edit provider notes on a client’s journey.
  25. Added additional document folders.
  26. Added filter option to Donors (admin side only) to search for donors with un-approved profiles.
  27. Added notification when a client with only archived journeys tries to log in.
  28. Added hyperlinks to reports that point to the client’s Journey Record Page or Client Record Page (where the link is directed depends on the type of report created).
  29. When searching for a client’s journey in any stage, as well as in Journeys, you are now able to run partial searches based on the Journey Name. You are also able to search for first and/or last name (previously limited to last name only).
  30. Added ability to search in Reports, both when viewing the list of previously generated reports, as well as when viewing the results of a report.
  31. Added new Country and State fields to Providers and Clinics. State is updated depending on the country selected (a dropdown is provided for US and Canada only; all other country selections can type in their answer).
  32. Added Donor Summary section to ED profiles. Allows donors (or admins) to write a summary that appears on the Matching Profile. This can be toggled off if so desired.
  33. Added ability to provide captions to gallery images.
  34. When selecting Canada from a Country field, the corresponding State field displays a dropdown of Provinces.
  35. Added dependant Date fields to Tattoo and Piercing questions.
  36. Sorting Provider/Clinics alphabetically and added location filters (State/Province and Country).
  37. When an IP has a Matching Type of GC/ED, they are given two status fields: one to keep track of their status with the GC and one to keep track of their status with the ED.
  38. Added filter to Case Management to swap between clients in Matching/Case Management. The Status filters update based on the stage filter selected.
  39. Added dropdown to the Donor Profile to indicate if the donor has Jewish parents. This information is also usable when filtering in Donors.
  40. Multiple Status filters can be selected at once in List/Workview.
  41. Added ability to disqualify experienced donors on a different age range than in-experienced donors.