Meet Bob Cundiff, Orchid Technical Consultant

Bob Cundiff
Orchid Technical Consultant

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to meet with many agencies to share why Orchid matters. I carry over 18 years of experience in business systems and data storage and protection within several different industries. I have never felt so lucky to find myself contributing to an industry that strives to do such impactful work every day. Without fail, every agency I have spoken to over the last year has the same best intentions at their core, they all work very hard to help create the dream of a family for every one of their clients, and they all wish they could do more.

I’m humbled by the work done within the ART industry, but more often than not, I’m consistently amazed to discover the widespread use of inferior systems to manage extremely complicated processes. It is truly staggering to comprehend how much time agencies are losing without a centralized system in place. I’m convinced that only the people within our industry could manage to navigate the complicated process of creating miracles using these tools, but why? Why make an already complicated process more complicated?

As a Navy vet, I often hear the words of my fellow shipmates echo into my day to day life, “work smarter, not harder, shipmate.” Certainly, this is a blunt statement, but at its core, it does bring up a good point. With a little ingenuity and creativity, we could all be doing more.

Years of software consulting have taught me that regardless of the type of industry, there are universal truths about the data and information collected and utilized by any business. Data needs to be easy to find, easy to share, up to date, and secure. The ART industry differs in the heightened level of trust and responsibility your clients give you to help navigate their journey to the dream of a family while also protecting their personal information. That is a tremendous responsibility on every level. It is easy to understand how you might get overwhelmed when considering new technologies, especially if you’re focused on your clients.

At its most basic level, software exists to simplify your day-to-day processes. Correctly implemented software will exist in the background almost unnoticed and seamlessly help you accomplish more. Of course, the reverse is true of poorly implemented software, which will make its inadequacy felt every day.

My role at Orchid is to be a trusted advisor to help you identify the best solutions for you and your agency, whether that includes Orchid or not. I take that role seriously and do everything I can to provide the people I meet clear, honest, and upfront advice for protecting their process, data, and clients.

Like the families you help to create, every agency is unique and special. You move mountains to create miracles for your clients, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my role as a trusted consultant to you and your agency.